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DragonPad USA Microphone Scissor Boom Arm with Desk Mount and Studio Pop Filter - White/Black/W


DragonPad USA Microphone Scissor Boom Arm with Desk Mount and Studio Pop Filter - White/Black/W

When you look at the setup of the most popular YouTube and Twitch stars, you may notice their microphones are not sitting on their desks. Simply put, on your desk right next to your keyboard, is probably the worst place for your microphone. Using our adjustable suspension arm allows you to put your microphone exactly where it needs to be, while minimizing movement and freeing up your valuable desk space. The padded clamp allows you to attach the arm to any surface with a maximum thickness of 2.4” without the risk of damage. The strong, double-braced arms, can be adjusted to your heart’s content and with a maximum length of approximately 28” you can enjoy the flexibility of multiple positions without moving the clamp. The arm has a maximum load capacity of approximately 3.3 lbs. (1.5kg) and can hold most microphones including the Blue Snowball and Yeti with the included 5/8” thread adapter. Perfect for casual and professional studios this arm works great for recording and live streaming, on YouTube and Twitch as well as recording pod-casts, broadcasting and voice-over work.

Included with this item is the ever popular DragonPad USA 6" Microphone Studio Pop Filter.

Why do I need a pop filter you may ask? Two words, “aspirated plosives”. When speaking or singing, certain letters and sounds (such as “p” and “b”) can create a burst of air which will lead to clipping in your recordings. The dual nylon layers in this filter work by trapping and dispersing the air caused by these letters, preventing the bursts from reaching your microphone. Additional benefits include reducing errant breath noise and removing “lisping” from some “s” sounds. The screen also protects your microphone from saliva and moisture.